The footfall traffic at shopping malls has just increased after the wake of the pandemic. Therefore; now known as the best place for advertising and grabbing the attention of a large pool of people. If you are interested in learning about shopping mall advertising strategy, then read this blog carefully. With modern printing techniques and a creative mindset, brands can launch impactful and memorable campaigns that will help their brand get noticed. There are various ways that can be used to make your brand visible in front of a crowd. Let’s look at some:

Use Negative Space:

There are various unused spaces in malls that are left out when it comes to advertising, such as high ceilings and airy atriums. This can be used by savvy marketers and forward-thinking brands to advertise their brand in such a competitive market. If you want to create a positive effect from your print advertising in the minds of the customers, then you must use a tension fabric system as it can be beneficial to make it happen. Furthermore, this technology can be used to create installations in a variety of sizes and shapes, including cylinders and cubes.

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Get in Front of People in Their Downtime:

There are various brands and advertisers that prefer to advertise in areas that are not highlighted just to grab the attention of the people in their downtime. When people are there in that place, they are more likely to read the text and naturally look around them. Shopping malls offer the same opportunity to marketers and advertisers seeking to capture the attention of shoppers. For instance, lift graphics and branded escalator step graphics can be fantastic platforms for presenting your brand in front of people and gaining their attention. Furthermore, you can also consider those people who are less interested in retail therapy or waiting for their friends or family by placing an advertising banner in front of them.

Consider every surface:

There are different architectural features in shopping malls that are being used as an advantage by the marketers and advertisers. For instance, escalator graphics can be installed on both the sides of escalators to grab the attention of people. On the other hand, window graphics and printed floor graphics are also getting used to using the floor in every possible way. Hence, it proves that shopping malls provide a canvas for unlimited creative potential. If you are also looking for ambient advertising for your brand, then get in touch with us today.

Make it experiential:

Whether you are going for retail branding or one-piece wall graphics, make sure you make it as experiential as possible to convey your message to the audience. Whether you are creating something unexpected and striking or conveying an incredible sense of style, the use of effective print media marketing with a visual landscape can help you take your marketing campaign from the mundane to the memorable. This advertising can also create a buzz of conversation around print graphics and social sharing.

Promote your social:

Social media marketing and advertising is also beneficial for gaining the attention of a large pool of people since people are active on social media platforms. It would be best if you used all social media platforms to promote your brand. It creates a sense of anticipation and makes followers feel they are the first to receive the latest news and guarantees a positive reaction. Here, you can also engage website visitors through a social media widget.

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